Names of Sisters:
Sr Antoinette Mc Grath, Sr Kathleen Moore

History of the Community in the Parish:
In 1976, at the invitation of the late Fr Paddy Crowe, the Sisters of St Clare came to Luton. They lived in Community at 18 London Rd, and were involved initially in the field of Catholic Education. Through the years their ministries became quite varied as they endeavoured to address the needs of the times. Their areas of Apostolate, including Education, spread into work with the homeless, the Bereaved and the housebound.

In 1996, the Sisters moved to a smaller Convent at 3 Abigail Close, where they have developed a unique Prayer Ministry- fully in keeping with the Charism of Contemplation and Solitude.

What type of Ministry (work, activities etc) is/are the Community/Sisters involved in?
See leaflets available for download

Recent initiatives/events
Ongoing development of Prayer Ministry

Who to contact for information or to request prayers-
Srs Antoinette and Kathleen: 01582 424518