Names of Sister
Sr Eileen Moore

History of the Community in the Parish:
In 1995, Sr Eileen was asked to move in to a small flat- owned by the Congregation, and to help in the Parish of St John Fisher. She was pastoral assistant to Fr Peter Fox until 2011 when she moved to her present Parish of St Luke’s in Whiston. This was at the request of the then Archbishop Patrick Kelly.

What type of Ministry (work, activities etc) is/are the Community/Sisters involved in?
All aspects of Pastoral Ministry including Liturgy, Hospital Chaplaincy, visiting the sick, special care of those in a local psychiatric home. Sr Eileen is also commissioned as a Funeral Minister and leads burials as well as cremations.

Recent initiatives/events
Renovation of the Church.

Who to contact for information or to request prayers
Sr Eileen 0151 423 3888 eilosc@aol.com