La Verna

The Sister moved to

La Verna,

12 Ashgrove Convent

in February 2010

We meet regularly for Prayer and Community meetings.

We respect each other’s space and strive to be loyal, confidential, caring and supportive to each other

and to be hospitable to all who visit us.

There are four sisters in our Community who are involved in a variety of ministries in Church,

  Parish ( St Patrick’s Church, Mayobridge)  and Schools.

The sisters are co-ordinator in the following ministries.

1  In Church:

includes involvement in Liturgical celebrations e.g. Ministers of the Eucharist,

Readers, Conductors of Eucharistic Services when a priest is not available

Stations of the Cross in Lent, weekly choir practices & counselling.

2 In Parish:

Celebration of St Anne’s Day at the Shrine, Facilitators of weekly Prayer Meetings, Choir practices,

monthly meetings of Parish Pastoral Council, Secular Franciscan Order, Divine Mercy,

Visitation of the sick and housebound, those in hospital and the bereaved.

Ministry to Travellers especially on telephone and correspondence to prayer requests.

Supporting our priests, Training the laity for future ministries in Church.

3  In Schools:

Chaplaincy. Sacramental preparation.  Members of Boards of Governors,

Volunteering in schools to help pupils with special needs, and in the local Hospice.