Gifts (Donations)

Giving Something Special

The Sisters of St. Clare of the Florida Region appreciate the generosity shown to us over the years. Friends and benefactors have made it possible for us to continue to respond to the needs of people of all ages. For this, we are deeply grateful. Please know that gifts are never taken for granted. We use them for our many outreach ministries, the continued education of our Sisters and to support our senior and infirm members.

Should the occasion arise that you want to consider a Special Gift to the Sisters of St. Clare of the Florida Region, we would like to offer some suggestions. Our suggestions may help for you to contribute to us your thoughtful support without compromising your financial well-being.

Pledge a Monthly Gift:

This can be done in one of two ways. You decide on the amount and then:

  1. Write a check and mail it to us – we can provide envelopes for each month.
  2. Authorize us to charge this amount to your credit card. You will need to provide us with the card number and expiration date.

Click Here To Display Tax Exempt Documentation

Click Here To Make a Donation

Remember the Sisters in Your Will:

You can bequeath a gift to the Sisters by including us in your will. Name THE CONGREGATION OF THE SISTERS OF ST. CLARE (FLORIDA), INC. (our legal name) as one of your beneficiaries and record the amount or the percentage of your estate that you would like us to receive.

Name the Sisters as a beneficiary of Life Insurance:

Name THE CONGREGATION OF THE SISTERS OF ST. CLARE (FLORIDA), INC. as a beneficiary on an existing, paid up Life Insurance Policy.

Donate Stock or Securities:

Make an outright gift of stock or securities. By doing this you may avoid the capital gains tax and take a tax deduction for the full value of the stock. For more information about the many advantages of making gifts of appreciated stocks or securities click here.

Make tax-advantaged Gifts from your IRA:

The New IRA Charitable Rollover Law provides an excellent opportunities for individuals over 70 to make gifts directly from an IRA with significant tax advantages. For more information, click here.

Investigate Matching Gifts:

Make arrangements for a matching gift from your place of employment or, if you are retired, through a corporate giving program from a place of former employment.

Hopefully, this information is useful. If you have any questions or need additional information please contact us:

Phone Number: (727) 517-0197
Mailing Address: 11235 Apache Place.
Largo , Florida 33774

PLEASE NOTE: Before making any decisions regarding significant charitable gifts we suggest that you consult with your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor. This will safeguard your interest and those of your family.

The Sisters of St. Clare are grateful for your consideration of Giving Something Special and assure you of our continued prayers.


Appreciated Stock Can Be A Gift that Benefits Us Both Some people wonder what is best to do with an appreciated asset — especially if it’s sizeable, has appreciated and is not paying dividends used for living expenses. What happens if you keep it? Nothing. It provides no income, and it ratchets up the dollar value of your estate (which could cost your heirs). What happens if you chose to participate as a partner in our ministries and donate all or part of the asset to the Sisters of St. Clare? There will be a significant tax break for you and sincere heartfelt thanks from us. Look at your portfolio. With the stock market gaining traction, some of the stocks you hold may have recovered nicely from the low points of this decade’s first half. Here are reasons why stock is often the gift asset of choice for donors who want to make a greater impact with their charitable giving. Simplicity and convenience. Stocks are easy to give. Unlike other forms of gifts such as real estate and mutual funds, the amount of paperwork and time is minimal. If you choose, you can complete your gift by the end of 2006, without taking time away from your holiday planning. You have control over the size and amount of your gift. With a collectible or gift of real estate, the donation is usually all or nothing. The asset cannot be easily divided. With stock, however, you select the number of shares you wish to donate. There are few valuation and basis problems. With many other gifts, valuation can be subjective, which also means potentially subject to questioning by the IRS. With publicly traded stock, however, the value can easily be determined and documented. The tax benefits can be greater than a gift of cash. In fact, donating appreciated stock provides a double tax benefit for you that can save you taxes on your 2006 tax filing. Example: Let’s say you donate to The Sisters of St. Clare 100 shares of stock with a fair market value of $5,000 and complete the transaction prior to year’s end. Assuming you bought the stock more than one year ago for $1,000, you can deduct the full $5,000 on your income tax return for the year the gift was made (subject to broad limitation). Thus, if you are in a 33% tax bracket, that could reduce your tax liability for the year by $1,650. Plus, the $4,000 in gain is not taxed to you, even though it has “inflated” the charitable deduction. If you had donated $5,000 in cash, we would very much appreciate it, and you would receive the $5,000 charitable deduction. But, from a tax savings point of view, the stock gift is the more tax-efficient option. The bottom line: Donating long-term appreciated stock to the Sisters of St. Clare in Florida not only provides tax benefits you, but also provides a gift to us that is truly appreciated and helps us meet the needs of our ministries. If you have a stock you would like to use as a charitable gift, let us know. The directions for executing such a gift are simple, and we can help you make certain that you receive the maximum tax benefits to which you are entitled.