Rosetta Park

Names of Sisters:
Sr Marie Doyle, Sr Mary Canning, Sr Thecla Mc Polin

History of the Community in the Parish (Name the Parish):
At the general chapter of 1991, it was recommended that a house be opened in Belfast City which had suffered so long the pain and hatred of division. A short time after the cease fire in the early months of 1995 a suitable house was found in south east Belfast. Four sisters arrived and were settled by August 1996. The sisters were involved in various ministries.

What type of Ministry (work, activities etc) is/are the Community/Sisters involved in?
Sr Mary Canning is a Cancer specialist Nurse at Belfast City Hospital
Sr Marie Doyle is a pastoral assistant in St Malachy’s Parish, City Centre, Belfast
Sr Thecla Mc Polin is a Eucharistic Minister taking Communion to the sick and preparing children for the Sacraments.