History of the Community in the Parish:

Rose Cottage
(Foundation Sisters lived here)

Sisters were invited to Kenmare from Newry in 1861 to run the Primary School.

They taught in the old brewery until the school was built.

They did the sacristy when the Church was ready.

They fed and clothed the poor of the Parish.

They ran a Child of Mary Sodality (adults) also the Legion of Mary.

They became involved in large variety of Parish works after Vatican 11.


Favourite Plant
The present Convennt
Spacious Grounds

What type of Ministry (work, activities etc) is/are the Community/Sisters involved in?

School Board of Management


Lectio Divina

Church Bookstall

Distribution of The Messenger

Altar Servers.

Who to contact for information or to request prayers-
Any of the Sisters on: 00353 64 6641385